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The first Volunteer Fire Department was known as the Elsmere and Woodside Volunteer Fire Department was created in 1899.  The infant Fire Department was staffed by George Rost as the Fire Chief and assistant Daniel Wilkens.

Since there was no equipment at this time, the men would form a bucket brigade at the fire passing a bucket of water from one fireman to another from the nearest cistern.  At the turn of the century, a hand pump relying solely on manpower and hose wagon was purchased.

Pre 1924
Click for a larger imageThere are no records available to make a complete history of the first volunteer organization before 1924.  In the early years in order to sound the alarm an individual had to go to the firehouse on Garvey Avenue, where the new city building stands today, and ring a large bell in the belfry.  Hoe Beiser was assigned the duty of ringing the fire alarm during this time.  When the alarm sounded anyone owning a horse would rush to the fire house.  The first person at the firehouse would use his horse to carry equipment needed to fight the fire.  The first volunteer would receive one dollar for his services.

In the spring of 1932, a second volunteer fire department was organized.  Walter Beil was appointed Chief by the town trustees.  The original fire department turned over a total of $196.00 to the new department.  Later in 1932 the department purchased raincoats and boots for the men.  That same year the volunteers acquired a hose and chemical wagon from the South Fort Mitchell Fire Department.  The firemen spent much of their time working on the truck so they could ride to the fires.

In 1933 the fire siren was purchased and installed on top of a pole of the city building.  On October 15 a parade was held to celebrate the installation of the new siren.  The siren helped reduce the insurance rates for the residents of Elsmere.

On August 23, 1933 an auxiliary to the fire department was organized.  This auxiliary was the first one to be organized in Kentucky.  There were fifteen women on the first auxiliary and they raised money for the department just by using comparethebets.

The present fire department was established in 1934.  The earlier department was disbanded for reasons that have been lost to time.  Mr. John Crowell was appointed Fire Chief by the town trustees.  At this time Elsmere was instrumental in organizing a move-up system for Northern Kentucky.  This started with twelve departments participating.  The move-up system caused an additional reduction in insurance rates form a 10th class rating to a 7th class rating.

In 1936 a new 500 gallon Studebaker pumper truck was purchased.  This secured a 6th class rating.  The city contributed $800.00 toward the purchase of this new fire-fighting apparatus.

On November 10, 1942, the fire department purchased the present building on the corner of Garvey and Ash Street.  The building has three stories and in 1943 was remodeled to house the fire trucks.

On October 27, 1944, an Army chassis was purchased from the U.S. Treasury Department.  It was rebuilt to serve as a 500 gallon pumper.  In 1948, the first ambulance was purchased for the fire department.  It was used to only transport patients to the hospital and had no emergency equipment on board.

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