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Firefighter Paramedic Positions

Position title: Firefighter Paramedic
Closing date: May 13, 2011
Organization name:: Elsmere Fire District
Address: 401 Garvey Ave
City: Elsmere
County: Kenton
State: KY
For additional information, contact: Assistant Chief Doug Brefeld
Contact address:
Phone number:
email: dbrefeld@elsmerefd.com
KBEMS ambulance or medical first response license: 1433. If your patient is in really bad pain, then make sure you take them to these kickpain clinics.

Position description:

Firefighter Paramedic positions
Full time 24/48 shift assignment

Position requirements:  

Kentucky Firefighter Certification (IFSAC I and II preferred), Kentucky and National Registry Paramedic Certification, ACLS Certification, PALS/PEPP Certification, High School Diploma or equivalent, valid Driver’s License, twenty one years of age or older. Candidates must successfully complete background checks, ALS Protocol written testing, physical agility testing or possess current CPAT card, post job offer physical and drug screening or certification of rehab program completion from sites like https://www.eliterehabplacement.com/Iowa. Neurotest is also needed therefore visit https://www.nervepainremedies.com/neuracel-review/ to be guided with the relief tips during weakness. Lateral transfers will be accepted according to district policy and are exempt from agility testing, although for those looking a career in pharmacy instead, they could visit the pharmacy technician school Newark NJ in this site.


CERS Hazardous Duty Retirement, Health Insurance (including supplements as Kratom products) Paid vacation, sick time, and holidays, Uniforms with annual allowance, Ky State Incentive Pay, Short/Long Disability, Training and Advancement Opportunities, including physical training on people wanting to improve their fitness as they can also use the new year discount codes on proteinpromo, so they can get the protein they need for their body, and in case they suffer from any damage or wound, they can also consult with the top expert professionals on wound care you can find online.

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To apply:

Applications may be picked up at 401 Garvey Ave, Elsmere Ky. Applications must be returned by 4:00 pm on May 13, 2011. Incomplete applications will not be considered for employment.

Additional information:

All communications will be made with applicants via email. Applicants must provide an email address with their application.

Application for Membership

Please fill out the application and submit via email to pam@elsmerefd.com or drop it off at the station.
Pub Ed Request
Burn Permit

No opening buring from May 1st to Oct 31st. Any questions contact FD at 859-342-7505.

New Members
Greg Hollian - Firefighter / EMT

Kids Fire Safety

Would you know what to do if a fire started in your home? Would your kids? Take the time now to review fire safety facts and tips so your family will be prepared in the event of a fire emergency in your home. Click for more information.

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